balance, harmony and positive energy

Our apartments

To further improve the quality of life in our new apartments, a work of environmental harmonization has been done.

Through the beneficial frequencies of colors and shapes used, customized and applied in every single room, we wanted to improve the harmony and balance of the environment in which our guests will live their stay ..

“at the Sea”

at the Sea we enter the magical and mysterious kingdom, because there is no wave equal to the other. High or low, violent or caressing, it is a natural power. It is profound and an eternally restless empire, on the edge of what we know. It is great nourishment, where water shapes nature, and where there are worlds within other worlds. The barrier has its dark side, and if you leave the light behind you, you never know what you can expect.
Listen to the sound of the wave…

in the Meadow 

in the Meadow grow blades of grass in an explosion of colors towards the universe. The altitude brings lightness, joy and curiosity to listen to the wind that tells new stories and adventures. The flowers are the smile of the earth and greet the sun that brings to life every morning.

Run barefoot and loose hair, to feel every new sensation…

“on the Danube”

On the Danube they give two springs life and beginning, like women and men. Together they travel and cross countries entering different cultures and customs. They share, change direction, and have nurtured different peoples for centuries. Ancient roots lead to flow, stream, and move forward despite differences. Spiritual nourishment and rebirth, an eternal take and let go to purify. The natural flow of life can not be stopped, at the end it is thrown into infinity to better know one’s own nature.

Let go drift …