balance, harmony and positive energy

Our apartments

To further improve the quality of life in our new apartments, a work of harmonization has been done with EcoSistemica

Through the beneficial frequencies of colors and shapes used, customized and applied in every single room, we wanted to improve the harmony and balance of the environment in which our guests will live their stay ..

“at the Sea”

Life is born from at the sea, it always stops somewhere but then starts again. Every wave of the sea has a different light, beauty and song.

When I look into the water I recognize reality, because even snow is just water.

It is the origin of everything…!

in the Meadow 

in the Meadow grow blades of grass in an explosion of colors towards the universe. The altitude brings lightness, joy and curiosity to listen to the wind that tells new stories and adventures. The flowers are the smile of the earth and greet the sun that brings to life every morning.

Run barefoot and loose hair, to feel every new sensation…

“at the Danube”

At the Danube, smiles are bright because they are always accompanied. The river originates from two sources – like a woman and a man giving birth to the beginning of a flow.

Together they travel and cross countries and enter into different cultures and customs. They split, change direction until they find themselves again.

Let yourself go on a journey…!